Norwich Road Runners

“It’s been a long road the past year and a half, this relay made our summer last year so we’re back to do it all over again!”

On race day, this will display the runners and the distances they have run for each stage

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John Hudson 13:00 9.49
John Hudson 19:00 9.00
David Crotch 20:00 8.47
Matt Howard 19:00 8.29
Ashley Hobbs 18:00 8.03
Marc Coles 12:00 8.00
Marc Coles 13:00 8.00
James Johnson 7:00 8.00
Kev Ames 8:00 8.00
Luke Cornish 15:00 7.88

Not just fun, but raising money for our charities too

Web gubbins by John Moore, scoring system by Nick Ross