“Team Dunerunner is more tribe than club. We run mostly trails and usually coast just for the pure joy of it. That said, Alex Moore Relay is one of our absolute favourite events. This year we are on a mission to prove we can still bring the noise (and the colour) in a virtual world!”

On race day, this will display the runners and the distances they have run for each stage

{{runner.name}} {{runner.distance?+runner.distance.toFixed(3):''}}
Bu Young 22:00 8.54
Dan Goodwin 10:00 8.22
Mark Duffield 20:00 8.08
Mark Ollett 17:00 8.04
Danielle Rackham 20:00 7.57
Kevin Bull 20:00 7.57
Gary Tuttle 10:00 7.29
Chrissi Head 11:00 7.17
Neil May 11:00 7.17
Ally Hadden 9:00 7.00

Not just fun, but raising money for our charities too

Software by John Moore and Nick Ross