“We're a community of runners that get fit by doing good... very different to any other running club. We are a close knit group and this event just sounds amazing and we want to be part of it”

On race day, this will display the runners and the distances they have run for each stage

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Stephen Reed 16:00 8.10
Robert Organ 17:00 7.85
Angela Man 20:00 7.49
Sam Ismail-Epps 14:00 7.15
Katie Goakes 21:00 6.97
Tasha Watts 11:00 6.90
Pete Alder 6:00 6.84
Kathryn Jervis 18:00 6.82
Amy Coby 10:00 6.29
Hayley Strivens 19:00 6.23

Not just fun, but raising money for our charities too

Software by John Moore and Nick Ross