The Tuesday Nighters

“We are a group of like minded runners, all from different clubs who enjoy running and training together on Tuesday nights. The group was established over 20 years ago. This is a great opportunity for us to 'run as a team' which we usually can't do and to help keep us motivated.”

On race day, this will display the runners and the distances they have run for each stage

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David Houghton 20:00 9.33
Matthew Collier 14:00 8.85
Graham Watering 9:00 8.52
Gary Grand 21:00 8.46
Dominic Copping 19:00 8.16
Katherine Trehane 18:00 8.12
Rose Waterman 11:00 8.00
Mark Mardell 22:00 7.86
Jane Clarke 10:00 7.84
Pete Johnson 7:00 7.62

Not just fun, but raising money for our charities too

Software by John Moore and Nick Ross