“The Aviva Norwich Run Community was established a few years ago and grew when the Aviva Wellbeing program launched in 2017. From a group of about 7 runners we now have 200 Norfolk and Suffolk runners on our mailing list and many of us ran together on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. We are still trying to run virtually once per week with a Zoom stretch and chat session afterwards. This team event is brilliant for bringing us together again :)”

On race day, this will display the runners and the distances they have run for each stage

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Chris Harrison 8:00 9.51
Liam Rowlands 22:00 9.42
Aidan Thorpe 10:00 8.96
Chaz Sizeland 11:00 8.54
Maria Lewis 8:00 8.54
Matt Parkhouse 17:00 8.34
Paul Freestone 8:00 7.95
Neil Dobson 15:00 7.77
Deborah English 13:00 7.66
Stacey Harper 9:00 7.65

Not just fun, but raising money for our charities too

Software by John Moore and Nick Ross